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Welcome to Adult Summer Reading!

How the program works:
1. Register with the library's Summer Reading program
2. Read! (audiobooks and eBooks are acceptable)
3. Log the titles you read and submit reviews

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Come to the library's 2nd floor Information Desk to receive your *FREE tote bag and book for signing up (*while supplies last).

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For more information, call (423) 434-4454 or visit the library.
The third entry in the Fixer-Upper Mystery series. Contractor Shannon Hammer is renovating the lighthouse mansion for her new beau, thriller writer Mac Sullivan. During the renovations, Shannon and her crew find the bones of a young girl, her crew member Sean's older sister Lily, who has been missing for 15 years. Police Chief Eric Jensen begins looking into the history of Lily and Sean's past relationships, including their abusive and alcoholic parents. This is an interesting book, involving a brother who never gave up on finding his lost sister and her love for a man who was considered inappropriate for her. Enjoyable.
Crowned And Moldering
Kate Carlisle
This novel of a family's hidden secrets is sure to keep you turning pages. Though the book jumps around a lot, I was still able to keep up with it. It's well worth reading through until the end.
The Forgotten Garden
Kate Morton
Redeeming Love is a retelling of the Biblical story of Gomer and Hosea. I was not familiar with this story when I began the reading Redeeming Love but quickly became interested in researching it more. Set in California's gold rush of 1850, this is a love story like no other. It explores the love between family, friends, marriage, and our personal relationship with God. It is a powerful work of fiction that will move you on many levels. The story is written uniquely and masterfully, a literary achievement. It is thought provoking and a book you will not be able to put down or forget.
Redeeming Love
Francine Rivers